Electrosex (also called erotic electrostimulation (EES)) is a very intense, sexual stimulation opportunity to enjoy virtually freehand and without friction a great feeling. With some practice it is possible to trigger an unlikely orgasm.

For this purpose, mainly medical electrical stimulation devices and electrodes are used, which are eg regularly used in physiotherapy. On the site of electrostimulation in the medical sense, you can read about how stimulation current works.

Depending on the device, type of electrode and place of application, it is unlikely that it will trigger pleasant or intentionally unpleasant (BDSM) feelings. It can be regulated in detail, that it is pleasantly soft tingling, hard pulsing or easy to very painful.

Exciting are the diverse applications of Electrosex. The same stimulation current device can trigger completely different feelings through different electrodes.

The use of an acorn electrode feels fundamentally different than a prostate electrode. A full metal vaginal electrode will tingle differently than a small plastic pussy electrode.

The selection of Elektrosexgeräte is quite clear. We presented them in detail in the comparison of electrosex devices. We have tested the individual accessories in a comprehensive electrode test report.


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